7 tips to ensure the perfect wedding disco

Over the years I’ve heard horror stories about wedding days being ruined by poor wedding discos due to bad organisation, the wrong music being played all night or simply the behaviour or unprofessionalism of DJs. These 7 tips are based on the knowledge and experience over the years and will hopefully help ensure you have the wedding disco you really wish for!


  1. Variety is the key – everyone couple have their favourite artists and genres of music which should be catered for on their big day, but don’t forget your guests! Most weddings have a wide audience ranging from young children to the older generation, who all hope to enjoy the night. Don’t be too judgmental if a DJ plays a set of rock n’ roll classics or contemporary hits, because a good portion of your audience is likely to be enjoying them!!
  2. First dance – take time to choose your special song. This should be a memorable part of the wedding disco. Ensure that everyone gathers around the dance floor in order to make the moment special. It can also be a great catalyst for the dancing to really start. It is also another opportunity for some great photos!
  3. Music requests – always make sure you get the balance right. A DJ should actively encourage requests and be able to take them in advance and on the night and blend them into his set. It can be helpful to even provide DJs with artists and genres that you don’t like.
  4. Select the right wedding disco/dj – the Dj can make or break the evening. Get a selection of quotes and never go for the cheapest one, as unfortunately there are a lot of amateurs out there. To gauge a level of professionalism ask to see the DJs PAT and PLI certificates, ask for references and even ask to meet him/her in person. A confident professional DJ will always be able to agree to all of the above.
  5. Venue advice – experienced DJs will be able to give you advice about the workings of a great night at your chosen venue as they are most likely to have played there before. For example, do you need a hire a dancefloor, where is the best positioning for the DJ etc.
  6. Compatibility – often weddings have a blend entertainment including a band, a singer, mobile disco, even a magician! Make sure that each is aware of the others presence prior to the evening. A good DJ will communicate with the other entertainment providers to ensure the evening wedding disco runs smoothly.
  7. Be flexible with your evening plans – it is always great to have an idea of when you want to have the first dance, cut the cake etc, but weddings quite often run behind schedule. Always be flexible with your timings to avoid unnecessary stress!
    Helping you towards the perfect wedding disco!These tips are courtesy of Purple Turtle Disco and are based upon  over 10 years of experience performing at wedding discos.